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Download SEDAN DELIVERY price sheet PDF.

Original Model, Basic BODY kit: $3295
Super Deluxe Model, Basic BODY kit: $3895
Original Model, COMPLETE conversion kit: $4195
Super Deluxe Model, COMPLETE conversion kit: $4795

With a Rodster® Street Rod COMPLETE conversion kit, you get everything you need to build a SEDAN DELIVERY except the donor vehicle, misc. fasteners/glues, and a paint job.

DV-OR-CK) Original Model COMPLETE conversion kit: $4195

 < < < Over $1,400 in savings versus buying separately! > > > Includes: DV-BA, DV-LP, DV-HW, RK, LK, OG, and DV-BK.

DV-SD-CK) Sedan Delivery, Super Deluxe Model, COMPLETE conversion kit: $4795.

< < < Over $1,600 in savings versus buying separately! > > > Includes: DV-BS, DV-LP, DV-HW, RK, LK, SG, MG, and DV-BK.

DV-BA) Sedan Delivery, Original Model, basic BODY kit: $3295.

Ultra high-quality fiberglass: hand laminated using high-end orthothalic resin with fiberglass cloth, core mat, and carbon fiber reinforcement.

One-piece, tilt-forward original nose section (with hinge flange, RH and LH body index flanges, cowl support brace/seal, and two headlamp buckets)

RH and LH front 1/4 panels (with inner fender mounting and nose index flanges) RH and LH rocker panels - unique to Sedan Delivery model (with mounting flange) Rodster® Indicia, I.D. Plate with body #, and a Step-by-Step Rodster Assembly Manual.

DV-BS) Sedan Delivery, Super Deluxe Model, Basic BODY kit: $3895

Includes everything in DV-BA, but substitutes a special Super Deluxe Nose Section.

DV-LP) Lighting package: $275

Two headlight assemblies with chrome bezels, two front turn indicators, and a 6-prong front wiring loom plug.

DV-HW) Sedan Delivery, Body hardware kit: $315

Front hinge tube and urethane mounts, two body-indexing donuts, and two chrome-plated hood latches.

RK) Radiator and electric fan kit: $795

Custom 3-row Rodster® radiator, two brackets with urethane mounts, high-flow SPAL® electric fan, SPAL® fan controller, and in-hose filler.

LK) 2WD Lowering kit (-3" front & -3" rear): $325

For 2WD only. Tubular front A-arms, urethane bushings and bump stops, new ball joints, and rear blocks with extra long U-bolts.

OG) Grille, Original Model: $325

Billet-aluminum style. Powder coated black. Fiberglass shelf w/mounts.

SG) Grille, Super Deluxe Model: $545

Chrome-plated, polished, die-cast aluminum.

MG) Mini-grilles, front: $55/pair

Chrome plated. (Note: Original is oval and optional with all kits, Super Deluxe is round and included with complete conversion kit.)

DV-BK) Sedan Delivery, Metal battery box and cable kit: $275

Aluminum box, 16 ft. of red (+) 1-gauge cable, 3 ft. of black (-) 1-gauge cable, 2 copper lugs, Adel cable clamps, mounts, grommets, and hardware.

HS) Optional hood scoop: $145

Ultra high-quality fiberglass with reversed mounting flange.

DV-FF) Optional rear fender flares: $435/pair

Ultra high-quality fiberglass w/attachment flange.

DV-VZ) Optional windshield visor: $325

Ultra high-quality fiberglass w/attachment flanges.

R-AM) Rodster® Street Rod Step-By-Step Assembly Manual: $49 w/S&H
(completely refundable with purchase of a kit.) 50+ pages. Over 100 photos/illustrations/templates. 9th Edition. For all models of the Roadster and Sedan Delivery.

California residents add 8.5% sales tax. Shipping, shipping container, and handling extra. Please allow 4-7 weeks for delivery. A 50% deposit, in the form of a cashier’s check made out to Rodster, Inc. , is required to start order. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice and are F.O.B. El Segundo, CA and/or Sparks, NV..

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Cool News!: Introducing the Hot Rodster® Sedan Delivery Street Rod.

So you've always dreamed of owning one of those rare Sedan Delivery Street Rods? Well, here's your chance. Now you can have that classic street rod look without all the gigantic headaches and expense.

Like all Rodsters, this exciting new model has the cool attitude of a pre-‘49 street rod combined with the EZ cruisin' reliability of a modern production vehicle. Also, being a Sedan Delivery, this new model keeps the back seat and general utility of the original ‘83-‘94 Chevy S10 Blazer donor.

The Rodster Sedan Delivery’s gotta be the least-expensive street rod you can put together. Think about it, by using our conversion kit you can have an EZ cruisin’, crowd-pleasin’ Street Rod with a total build-up cost of as little as 8 to 9 grand.

Production is in full swing and we are shipping about one kit per week. We are very encouraged by the outstanding response to this model, especially with customers who have purchased one with plans to use it as a "promotional vehicle" for their club or business.

Next time you look at a used Chevy S10 Blazer, think Rodster Street Rod!


Our Rodster Sedan Delivery BASIC kits start at $3295 with our Super Deluxe COMPLETE Kit at $4795. The optional rear flares are $435/pr, with the optional visor at $325. See price list below for complete pricing for the new Sedan Delivery. Our customers report a typical total build-up cost in the $9K to $11K range (including the '83-'94 Chevy S-10 Blazer donor vehicle) for a Rodster Sedan Delivery.

This photo shows a close-up of the optional REAR FENDER FLARES on the Rodster Sedan Delivery (1 1/2" wide adapters were used to move the wheel out to fit the wheel opening – wider reversed wheels would have accomplished the same thing). F.Y.I.: these flares will also fit the bed of a '82-'93 Chevy S10 Pickup and have sold Rodster kits (that are basically this Sedan Delivery Kit) to customers who wanted to convert their S10 Pickup.

This photo shows a close-up of the new optional WINDSHIELD VISOR on the Rodster® Sedan Delivery. It adds a cool finishing touch to the classic look of the Rodster Sedan Delivery.

Regarding our "in-progress" Rodster Sedan Delivery SHOW VEHICLE pictured in the above photos: To further mask the identity of the Chevy S10 Blazer donor vehicle, we developed a process where we were able to paint over the rear-side glass, filled-in the stock taillight openings w/steel panels, added a steel rollpan, fitted '42-'46 Ford taillights and a HMSL, and also "shaved" the door handles. (Note: these custom items are not included in our kit.) These are just a few examples of the many ways to customize your Rodster Sedan Delivery, just check out a Truckin' magazine or Sport Truck magazine for a host of other customizing ideas.

Special Thanks to:
BFGoodrich® Tires (red-lined Scorcher T/A®)
Niche® Wheels (17" Throttle style)
PPG® Automotive Finishes (tech help and supplies)
AutoLoc® (shaved door handle systems)
LeCarra® Steering Wheels (Mark 8-double slot)

We fitted a bench seat out of an older S-10 Pickup into our show Rodster Sedan Delivery. We've recently developed, and are now offering, this custom seat cover for bench seats. These custom seat cover kits come in either "white w/red piping" or "black w/red piping" and sell for $265 (+S/H). Pretty cool, eh?