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Patent Information

The design of the Rodster Street Rod body kit is protected by U.S. Patent # D450,284. This proprietary "trade dress" will be vigorously protected and defended with triple damages sought.

The following is a letter that was sent to all Rodster Street Rod Owners:


Dear Rodster Street Rod owners and friends,

Hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your cool Rodster Street Rod.

We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware, if you weren’t already, of the patent that we received for our unique design (see attached copy of U.S. Patent # D450, 284).

The kit-car industry has suffered in the past from people doing “splash” molds and then foisting “knock-off” parts on the unsuspecting customer. Most people in today’s kit-car industry are working hard to clean up this bad reputation, but unfortunately the practice can rear its ugly head. So we are especially proud and pleased to have the patent protection on our parts.

Just so you’re in the know, individual users/buyers of non-authorized copies of a patented product are liable and can be personally sued for damages. This is true for up to 6 years after purchase, or for as long as they continue to use this non-licensed product.

So, thanks and congratulations for having purchased and built a patented product. And, if you should ever see a "sloppy copy" of a Rodster, we would very much appreciate it if you would get some info (like a photo, license plate #, owner name, etc.) and forward it to us. Also, should the situation ever present itself, you might want to alert anyone considering the purchase of a "rip-off Rodster" of the jeopardy they may be facing.

It is in your best interest to help us search out any "bogus bodies," as their existence can diminish the value of your very high-quality Rodster Street Rod. You could say that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but in this case, “there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.”

Thanks, in advance, for being on the lookout.

Henry M. Caroselli
Rodster, Inc. (dba: Caroselli Design)
128 Center St. #B
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 322-2767

© Caroselli
"Rodster®" is a registered trademark of Caroselli Design.


Each Rodster® Street Rod kit comes with a body I.D. Plate. It not only identifies it as an ultra-high-quality Rodster Street Rod conversion, but also signifies patent protection.

U.S. Patent # D450,284 displayed on a Rodster® Street Rod part identifies it as an original Rodster Street Rod part and signifies patent protection. These ultra-high-quality parts are made to exacting specifications, with state-of-the-art materials, using labor-intensive hand-lay up procedures.

Kit Car Magazine

November 2002

Specialty Scene 

News and views important to the kit car world

Original Kit Earns Patent

For anyone who still believes that the kit car industry is a splash-and-copy genre, we have news for you. Henry Caroselli of Caroselli Design, creators of the Rodster and Rodster sedan delivery, has been granted under law United States Patent No. D450,284 on his Rodster Street Rod design. This patent gives Caroselli legal protection against competitors who hope to elude the patent by varying one or two nonessential details. The doctrine of equivalents gives Caroselli the chance to persuade a federal judge that a competing product, though not identical, is so similar that it infringes on the patent.

Another thing to remember is that there is considerable shrinkage with each mold generation, so typically a "sloppy copy" is not dimensionally identical to the specifications of the original parts. An unsuspecting customer can be burned with parts that don't fit.

Caroselli Design is one of the top industry manufacturers. The company works hard to dismiss past negatives that may erroneously be linked to our hobby, and Caroselli has won awards for good manufacturing practices. His Chevy S-10-based Rodster and sedan delivery are favorites at street rod and kit car shows nationwide.

For more information, contact Caroselli Design at Dept. KC, 128 Center St., Ste. B, El Segundo, CA  90245; 310/322-2767;