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The Condie Family Rodster Project

The first step was picking up the kit at the Rodster factory. That provided an opportunity to view a selection of finished Rodsters.

Then the work began, with the loading of the U-haul trailer.

That was followed by the drive home and the unloading of the trailer.

The Rodster kit was nestled into its new home, the family garage.

The donor car was a pretty nifty looking Blazer, but it was about to get even better looking. In the meantime, however, it wasn't going to look so pretty.

First, get rid of that ugly top.

A little cut, cut, cut...

The roof is removed. And disposed of.

The Blazer is now a convertible.

Sort of...

 Next comes measuring the doors for a perfect fit...

Then carefully rechecking the measurements and the fit of the doors...

Then check them again...

Finally, the doors are done!

The fit is perfect -- and why not? They're the same doors that came on the car.

The radiator is removed and set aside while some minor adjustments are made.

A few final, late night touches and tweaks...

A final test drive, just to be sure.  

And a final photo op.  All that's left is a trip to the paint shop.

Now -- that wasn't so hard, was it?